Personalized Engraved Hammers

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Personalized Engraved Hammers

These engraved hammers are a great gift for any father/grandfather/uncle/anyone that is handy with tools. We offer a few different tier options for our hammers.

Price Tier Options

  • One sided, standard computer font: $18.00
  • Two sided, standard computer font: $20.00
  • One sided, handwritten by you: $25.00
  • Two sided, handwritten by you: $27.00

Handwritten Option Requirements
Please follow these instructions for uploading. We cannot guarantee high quality finish if you do not do this.

  • Use white computer paper (no lines at all)
  • Use black pen.
  • SCAN image to computer. A photograph can work in a pinch, but scanning is preferred.
  • Upload file.

Product Features

  • Hammer with wooden engraved handle.
  • One line of text only per side.
  • Laser engraved.
  • Personalized option available.

Images pictured are using the personalized handwritten double-sided option.