Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts!

Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts!

Feb 14 , 2022

Cheryl Ju

Hello, and Happy Valentine's Day! Today is the day filled with love and joy, and what better way to celebrate that love, than gifting your special person an amazing gift? We have several customized gift options at Deju Design, and here are our favorite top 5 gift ideas!

Heart Box and Puzzle


1) Puzzle and Heart Box

To start off our list, our favorite gift for Valentine's Day 2022, our Puzzle and Heart Box! Gift your loved one this special unique gift, with three different purchase offerings. Buy just the puzzle, buy just the box, or save and buy the complete set. Submit the names along with a high resolution photo, and we will do the rest!



2) 25 Reasons Why I Love You Box

Our second favorite gift idea is the 25 Reasons Why I Love You Box. Inside contains hearts that are filled with 25 short reasons why you love the person you are gifting this too. We now offer this option in two price tiers - one with us engraving the sayings onto the hearts and a slightly cheaper option where we deliver blank hearts and you can write the sayings yourself.

Engraved Music Sheet on Wood

3) Engraved Wood Sheet Music

Third item on our list is the Engraved Wood Sheet Music we offer. This is a perfect gift for those that are married and have a special song that they share between the two of them. Simply upload the first page of sheet music, and we will engrave it to the size you specify!


4) First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Ornament

Next on our list is for those who want to get a jump-start on Christmas! Our First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Ornament will be a great addition to your Christmas Tree this year! We are now offering three different gender pronouns to be more inclusive for everyone. Simply type your last name and choose from either Mr. & Mrs., Mr. & Mr. or Mrs. & Mrs.
The final gift on our top 5 list is one of our newest products! Our "Love You" Heart Photo Frame is the perfect gift to give those you love! It's a perfect frame for 6x4 photos, as seen above. Great for desks, side tables or shelves!
We hope you enjoyed our Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts! Comment below which one your favorite is, or give suggestions on what we can create next!